About AJ Tool Co. Inc


Since 1977, AJ Tool Co. has specialized in the design and building of plastic injection molds, thermoset injection and compression molds, and conventional die cast molds--and also provides special machining services for die sets or custom machining jobs. Industries served include medical, automotive, marine, communications/electronics, consumer products,  lawn and garden, packaging, industrial appliance and more.

Meeting our customers ever-quickening delivery demands, AJ Tool goes the extra mile to satisfy its customers. "We know we can't focus on only a few jobs at one time," Ebert notes. "So instead, we consider all jobs equal in priority and plan how to get them all done in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. If necessary we will run 24 hours a day to meet our deadlines. We have only two shifts, but our men plan and work the necessary time that is needed to quickly turn jobs around. And we're now running many jobs unmanned overnight and on weekends using new equipment we've purchased. Running unmanned shifts has greatly improved our efficiency. 



Modern 15,000 square ft. climate controlled work environment including a ten ton overhead crane, five ton overhead crane, and a one ton GIB crane